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Check Mate/I'ts Not All Black and White diptych Tidal Wave detail
Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

Valetta works primarily in pastels. Oils, mixed media quilts, and sculptures are also part of her extensive inventory of work.

"The gallery's featured artist is Valetta whose paintings and pastels are crammed with symbolism. Her quirky images are both fluid and magical. Her colors are soft, almost glowing. Valetta explores mood, time, and narrative in her exceptionally intelligent pieces." Robin Hotchkiss, Dircetor, Salon des Amis Gallery.

Tidal Wave (22 pastels form the whole.)
Girl on a Bicycle

On the Dotted Line

Semi Circle

Abstract Nude
Valetta's work has been described as figurative abstraction, leaning toward the surreal. In a statement for her 20 year retrospectve in 2011, Valetta writes in part, ... "Words and images are the tools of communication, the way I've relied on a stream of consciousness approach, trusting that enough will be revealed of interest, enough exposed to intrigue, but not enough to say, 'This is all I am after all'."

PO Box 510, Westtown, PA 19395
4400 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Clara, CA 95494
valetta.rcwa@comcast.net | 610-459-2384
Bits and Pieces, side one, paper quilt Bits and Pieces, side two, paper quilt
Wedding Bell Blues, diptych
Bridal Path mixed media at the Vonderau Museum, Fulda, Germany
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What the Flood Left Behind by Nancy Sarangoulis and Valetta

Installation at Kutztown University 2010 >
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